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The General Assembly is the final authority which determines all matters concerning the OCA. It also holds specific power to enforce the fundamental principles, objectives, rules, regulations and bye laws which are laid down the OCA Constitution. The OCA General Assembly is mainly comprised of the member NOCs of OCA who are entitled to vote. It also includes the OCA Executive Board members, the honorary life Presidents & Vice Presidents, the honorary life members, IOC Members in Asia, Chairman and Secretary General of the Asian Games Organizing Committee of the host country. They are not entitled to vote. The voting power lies with the NOCs of Asia which are affiliated to the OCA who have one vote each, these are normally represented by up to three delegates. Others may attend but they will not have voting powers, these include the president or secretary general of the General Association of Asian Sports Federations, one representative of the international sports federations who may be from Asia and Asian sports federations.