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Fawaz Al Saleh

Founding Partner

Comes with more than 30 years of experience in international banking, finance, and international equity investments, with specific expertise in structured finance and public private partnerships (PPPs). His knowledge of the legal, financial, and cultural context of the GCC, Turkey and the CIS countries has made Al Saleh pioneer asset to investors, businesses and governments navigating these business contexts. With a large network across the private and government sectors in these three regions, Al Saleh with his broader vision has open the doors, connect investors with projects, and provide guidance to clients so they are able to maximize and protect their business interests.

Al Saleh has been integral in the establishment of international banks, insurance companies, and holding companies, specifically in the GCC and Turkey. Al Saleh was also instrumental in shifting the strategic direction and repositioning KFH in Turkey through Kuwait Turkish Finance House and Turkapital Investments. A polyglot with deep intercultural experience, Al Salehs linguistic and cross-cultural skills contributed to negotiating the smooth transition from wholesale to retail banking, as he facilitated the process between KFH Kuwait, KFH Bahrain and KFH Turkey. During his tenure, KTPB grew from an institution with 200 staff to over 6000. In 1997 he established KTPB International Banking & Treasury Department, launching its Structured Finance activities through this department and arranging for funds from the GCC investors to Turkish assets. Al Saleh has led the way in creating values-driven financial instruments and has consulted to partner institutions and PPPs to facilitate investment and financing opportunities using structured finance. In addition, Al Saleh was integral in working on legal frameworks that would open new routes for investments, financing, real estate, and insurance in the Turkish market and thus, has deep expertise when guiding investors through these legal complexities. Al Saleh works with a dynamic team with deep experience in the region who all work together to make sure that clients are fully supported in achieving their goals.

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Since it's inception, Erim Bener is an active partner of Iva Consulting since 2019, providing his services. Erim has over 25 years of experience as a lawyer and consultant predominantly in corporate law, M&A and contracts, employment and labour law. Erim has over 25 years of experience as a lawyer and consultant predominantly in corporate law, M&A and contracts, employment and labour law.

Since founding the firm he has been the Managing Partner of Bener Law Office, a full-service Turkish law firm with strong international focus. The firm advises international banks and private equity funds as well as numerous multinational and local corporations on employment and labour law, corporate immigration, privatizations, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, project financing, real estate developments, corporate maintenance and dispute resolution matters. Bener Law Offices business-minded team of lawyers strives to provide the right results and the very highest quality of service across a diversity of practice areas.

Erim is also a dedicated person with anonymous passion an angler and enjoys spending time out on the sea .

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Eren is an active partner of Iva Consulting since 2019, providing services. Eren as the younger partner has been working for Bener since 2009 and became partner in 2018 since than she is mnanaging Amsterdam and Istanbul services.

Her area of specialty is Contracts Law and Commercial Law. She advises a wide range of international and local clients in variety of sectors, including insurance, retail, automotive, construction, pharmaceutical, aviation, maritime and provides legal services for their day to day corporate and commercial activities (i.e. corporate maintenance and contract drafting).

Eren also helps and advises Turkish companies in the various stages of establishing and expanding their international activities in the Netherlands. She completed Globalaws Leadership Program in 2016.

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Onur is providing services as an active partner of Iva Consulting since 2019. Onur with its vast experience of 25 years is a Senior Advisor at Bener Law Office.

With his earlier experiences and the positions held in many key privatization deals and involved in many significant privatization transactions including $2.2bn project financing for acquisition of two power distribution companies through privatization. He has also acted for large international energy companies for energy projects and regularly advises hotel owners and operators on internationally branded hotel management/franchise transactions. In addition to this, he acted for the US based e-commerce funds and companies investing into Turkish e-commerce unicorns such as Trendyol, Gittigidiyor and Getir.

Onur is well known in the market for his energy, e-commerce, and real estate practice, and as a recognized leader in his field.

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Paul, as an active partner of Iva Consulting, is overlooking services actively. Paul is an qualified English lawyer with a keen focus on banking, particularly Islamic finance. Paul has extensive experience of corporate governance and working as a board director and has used his skills and experience as a director on a number of boards covering a diverse range of industries.

While working as a lawyer in private practice Paul advised on a full range of legal issues relating to Islamic finance and helped in the preparation of transactional documentation designed to comply with Islamic law.

Throughout his professional legal career Paul has worked on a number of litigious matters. He has advised clients in relation to their disputes and recently has managed a number of litigious matters for Kuwait Finance House (Bahrain), providing strategic legal advice on court and arbitration cases, instructing legal counsel, both within Bahrain and outside Bahrain.

Paul established Mercer Consultancy S.P.C. as a network of expert consultants with extensive experience across a range of industries with the objective of being a leading GCC based consultancy.